Location coordinates: 40.04084/-5.78531

How to get from Madrid:

- Carretera de Extremadura (A-V). We walked in Navalmoral de La Mata (exit km. 178)
- We enter the industrial estate Navalmoral, we found several roundabouts always straight, without going into the village. Reach a large roundabout take right: Jarandilla and Talayuela address.
- It is the District Ex119, follow that road without leave at any time and without going into Talayuela, until we crossed the river by the bridge Tietar. After crossing we find a new roundabout take the left: Jaraiz direction of La Vera.
- It is the county Ex392. Follow that road ends in Jaraiz. Jaraiz Once inside, the road ends at a junction take the left: Plasencia.
- We are now in the District Ex203 (as it passes through the village is called Avd de la Constitución). Following this direction, will give up and then find Torremenga Jaraiz We crossed wide and about 2 km. the end of Torremenga is El Turcal. We recommend going slowly after crossing the town and informational signs that the hotel's proximity to 150 meters of diversion and non-illuminated wooden sign found at the same point of diversion mileage.