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THE ROOMS  Junior suite: Rooms with more than 30 m2, situated on the top floor of the hotel with amazing views of the Valle de la Vera.

Rooms hanging like cubes inside the building from where you access by the oak staircase and glass walkways. In the interior there is lots of natural light even in the bathrooms, neutral tones, sloping roofs and stone walls converse with the sought nakedness of the other walls only broken by the color of the original art of young painters.

Double superior: Sloping ceiling rooms with a height that, sometimes, can reach 4 meters. Feeling of vastness and wide space. Plenty of light that stream in from the balconies enlighten the beginning of the new day

Double: Spacious and comfortable rooms, which are commited on the contemporary architecture and where forged iron beams are mixed with wood. Four of them with sloping ceilings and the other two with beautiful masonry walls. Balconies where the light of the day and the songbird wakes up next to you. Very, very high ceilings in the dormered rooms, even in the bathrooms, on occasions, the surprise of curved walls or the color on the walls